How to Choose a Kitchen Faucet

First, you need to make a stylistic and logistic decision of where you want your faucet to go--mounted on the counter or mounted to the wall.
Mounted to Counter
Also called deck mounted
Most common option
More features and variety
Easier installation
Wall Mounted
Great for small kitchen locations
Offers a more industrial look
May need a plumber for installation help
Easier cleaning around your sink
Sizing Your Kitchen Faucet
Once you figure out where you want your faucet, you need to consider all of the necessary sizing.
Consider how large the sink is?
How many basins does your sink have?
How large are your pots and pans? Will they fit under?
Will a pullout spray or side spray help you reach a larger sink?
Make sure your spout will properly reach your entire sink. Use the spout reach and the faucet’s swivel range to figure out if the water stream will work. Also determine if the spout height is too high where it may cause splashing or too low where pots won’t fit.
Kitchen Faucet Configuration
Number of Holes
You will need to determine the number of holes you will need to mount your faucet. You may also need additional holes for side sprays, soap dispensers, hot water dispensers or air gaps.
Minimalist Ideas
Single hole with pull down spray (1 hole)
Single hole with side spray (2 hole)
The Works
Two handle faucet (3 hole)
Bridge faucet with side spray (4 hole)
Number of Handles
Determine the number or handles you will need for your faucet. A faucet with two handles allows you to control the hot and cold water to your desired temperature, while a single handle mixes the two temperatures. Some faucets may have a third handle to turn a water filter on and off.
1 Handle Faucet
2 Handle Faucet
3 Handle Faucet
Kitchen Faucet Features
Consider these kitchen faucet features that can make your kitchen experience more convenient and easy. These are features or accessories that come with your kitchen faucet purchase.
Pullout or Side Spray
Great for cleaning the sink
Can use to better fill up larger pots and pans
Helps control water direction when cleaning certain dishes
Pullout Sprays or Side Sprays
Electronic Features
Electronic faucets differ by brand
Typically, a touchless aspect to turn on and off faucet
Requires some sort of power source--i.e. batteries
Electronic Faucets
Filtering Feature
Some faucets come with a filtering system built-in
Typically means it is a separate faucet--hot and cold, cold only or hot only
Faucets with Filtering Systems
Soap Dispenser
Some faucets come with matching soap dispensers
It’s a nice addition and ensures the finishes and styles match
Faucets with Soap Dispensers
Kitchen Faucet with Style
Don’t forget to choose a faucet that fits your style and personality. Here are the most common ways people choose their faucet’s look:
By Finish
Stainless Steel
By Style
Modern Faucets
Traditional Faucets
Antique Faucets
Bridge Faucets
Commerical Look
Articulating Faucet
Other Kitchen Faucets
Pot Fillers
Fills pots with water at prep areas
Eliminates lifting heavy water pots
Typically, wall mounted
Cold water only
Bar Faucet
Smaller sized faucet meant to match your larger kitchen sink faucet
Place a faucet at all prep areas
Has both hot and cold water
Water Dispensers
Great option for instant, filtered water
Available in cold only, hot only or both hot and coldAllows your have instant hot or cold water

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