Bathroom Mirrors - Buying Guide

Choosing the mirror for your bathroom is usually the most enjoyable part of remodeling your bathroom. When you're shopping for your bathroom vanity or new bathtub, you have to take function and your plumbing arrangement into consideration as much as the appearance of your new fixtures. With your bathroom mirror, you're only limited by how much wall space you have and your own creativity.

Bathroom Mirrors – Options

There is a huge variety of bathroom mirrors available for classic and modern décor. Remember, adding a medicine cabinet will actually require modifying your wall in order to sink it. Before you purchase a medicine cabinet, consult with a carpenter who can let you know if installing it is possible. Read on if you are looking for a standard bathroom mirror instead:

* Adjustable Tilt Mirrors - These mirrors give you flexibility if you need to adjust the angle of your bathroom mirror often. You will need to install some hardware to allow the mirror to move, but it is as intensive as installing a toilet paper holder. Make sure that you refer to your installation instructions so that your mirror is secure.

 * Framed Mirrors - Manufactured in almost any shape and size, framed mirrors can add extra charm to your bathroom. Because most bathroom mirrors are frameless, a heavy-gilded frame or a clean minimalist modern frame will give any bathroom that wow factor. A regular wall mirror will not tolerate the damp heat of your bathroom, so when purchasing your framed mirror make sure that the frame has been properly treated.

* Frameless Mirrors - Most bathroom mirrors are frameless mirrors, but that does not mean that you're limited when picking a frameless mirror. Frameless mirrors come not only in rectangular, but can be round, oval, or have decorative edges. Some are enhanced by layered glass panels or with frosted glass accents. Traditional or unusual, the sky is the limit when shopping for a frameless bathroom mirror.

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