Mirror, mirror on the wall

It facilitates a close shave, helps ensure you thoroughly floss those pearly whites and makes it easy to apply flawless makeup. No, it’s not some new multi-use personal care tool — it’s your vanity mirror.

That small mirror that sits on your vanity top or extends from the wall reflects you at your best, and arguably at your worst, too (hello, morning bed head!). And if you select the wrong vanity mirror, you might be making your daily routines much more difficult.

Here’s how you can get the best vanity mirror for your needs and ensure it’s a stylish addition to your bathroom aesthetic:


The magnification of a vanity mirror helps you primp more efficiently. Most mirrors magnify between zero and 15X, with 5X magnification being the most popular and versatile. Keep in mind that some vanity mirrors are double-sided so you get two different magnification options to choose from.


If you have a large vanity, a countertop mirror that sits on a pedestal is a good option. If you are tight on countertop space in the bathroom (and many people are), consider as an alternative a wall-mounted magnifying mirror with a folding arm to swivel for easy use.


Vanity mirrors come in a variety of chic styles. Some mirrors are round while others are oval or square. Additionally, there’s a multitude of metal frames available, with chrome being the most popular. Select one that integrates into your existing bathroom design.


If you have quality overhead and task lighting in your bathroom, a vanity mirror will easily integrate into your routine. If you suffer from poor bathroom lighting, you may want to select a vanity mirror that has built-in lights. The downfall is that these options are bulky, take up more countertop space and are often less attractive than options without lights.

When researching vanity mirrors, keep these considerations in mind and you’ll be sure to find one that’s perfect for you so your morning and evening routines sail along smoothly.

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