10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shower

Having a new bathroom installed is no longer the lengthy and hideously expensive process that it used to be. Modern pre-fabrication techniques mean that you can walk into a showroom today and choose the component pieces for your new bathroom, having the finished product installed and ready to use in less than a month. For many people, adding a shower to their bathroom is becoming an increasingly important wish, for the convenience of a quick two minute shower after a workout, in order to save money and water, and Mens Cartier simply to have an alternative to taking a bath. Once you have decided to install a shower, you are faced with a great deal of choice. Work down the following checklist and see if you can deduce your perfect shower!
Decide between installing a shower stall, which will use up a significant amount of space, and transforming the entire room into a wet room. For the latter, you will need to tile and seal the entire room, but your bathroom will look spacious and open.
Will you mount an electric shower or have the shower pipework plumbed in? Electric showers are quick and cheap to install and heat the water rapidly. The downside is that they do not exactly look attractive, and if you have the funds available, you may want to get your shower plumbed in discreetly.
You can choose colorful plastic or shining metal for your shower. This is entirely your choice, as both materials are waterproof and durable.
Any mobility issues in the household must be considered when installing the shower. You can fit a shower seat that will enable weaker people to enjoy the benefits of a shower without becoming tired and risking a fall.
A fairly important decision that must be made early on is to decide whether to have the pipe work for the shower on display, which will be a cheaper and quicker task, or if you want to have the shower pipework buried in the wall, so as to leave the walls smooth and uncluttered, with just the shower head emerging.
If you opt to put in a shower stall, the tray size of your shower needs consideration. Too large a shower area will cut into your bathroom floor, making the room seem awkward and cramped, while too small a shower area will make taking a shower an uncomfortable and embarrassing prospect.
Your budget is probably the most important facet of your new shower purchase. If you do not like the more basic, economical models, you may prefer to continue saving for a few more months, until you have enough to buy the more up market model that you do like. Always check prices before you sign any agreements.
The spray from your shower will travel further than you realize, dispersing throughout the entire bathroom. Make sure that your floor and walls are waterproof and make sure that you have a working extractor fan to clear any steam build-up in a timely fashion.
Do not forget grab-rails and non-slip flooring. You do not want to pay for a new, shiny shower that injures or even kills a member of your family. If in doubt safety first, is the saying, so do not take a chance with your life and health.
Finally, try to factor in all the associated costs of the shower; from installation to the cost of water and electricity. Only by taking into account all the variables will you be able to make a fully informed decision about your shower.

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