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By Corraveni BAth | 12 August 2019 | 0 Comments

Corraveni ball mills for ceramic toilet and basin production raw material preparation

For ceramic sanitary ware factories, ball mills are used to grind down raw materials into very fine particles. Raw materials such as clay and glaze components can be broken down in a ball mill by getting placed into rotating or rolling jars with porcelain balls inside them. During milling, the porcelain balls pulverized the materials into an incredibly fine powder. Ball mills can be used to further break down or refine a single material, or you can place multiple materials into a ball mill jar to mix as you pulverize -- this is a very common industrial solution for mixing glazes that require the smallest of mesh sizes. In ceramic factory, ball mills basically function like a mortar and pestle, but on a much larger scale. During milling process, technician will need to take sample material and organize trial firing test to do chemical and physical performance checking, which is to ensure the ceramic toilet and basin production stability.
That is, Ball mills are the most important production facilities for ceramic sanitary ware production. In China, some factories produce the raw material clay by themselves. And, some smaller factories outsource the half-finished clay.
Corraveni produces the raw material clay by ourselves. We strive to make a environment-friendly production process. During ceramic toilet and basin production, usually, there will be some finished with defects during buring. How to deal with the defected products? Most factories will either throw or burry them, which will seriously damage the environment. While with Corraveni, we recycle the finished defected products through our ball mill and recycling process. Besides the saving on cost, the recycled material can also dramatically improve the chemical and physical performance of ceramic.
Corraveni are equiped with a series of ball mills, which are wet intermittent superfine-grinding equipments. They are applicable to the mixture and superfine-grinding of the raw material for ceramic toilet and basin production.They are commonly used for the grinding of quartz, feldspar and ball clay. The finished material from ball mill of 10000net/cm 2 -sieve could be used for ceramic toilet and basin body casting process directly.

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