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How do Corraveni control the quality of cabinet basins?
Cabinet basin is a special category in ceramic sanitary ware lines. Most ceramic cabinet basins are sold to bathroom furniture facotires.  Very precise machinning, edge straightness and surface flatness required, or there will be problems on basin installation.  Corraveni attached big importance to the quality control of cabinet and furniture basins. We have a seprate workshop specially for cabinet basin production. To continuously improve the quality, we're upgrading the cabinet basin production lines from traditional manual casting lines to new automatic high-pressure casting lines. Through the new production lines, the quality and production effiency are dramatically improved: Straightness and flatness of basins will be much better than basin produced through manual casting. The casing process needs only 20 hours comparing to previous several hours. Further, finished greenware basin bodies require very limited trimming and repairing work. 

Automatic Washbasin High-Pressure Casting Lines

Automatic Cabinet Basin High-Pressure Casing Lines

Besides the upgrading the production euqipment and facilities, Corraveni has been continuously improving the quality control and monitoring system:
cabin basin casting cabinet basin greenware greenware polishing 
1. cabinet basin casting 2.  cabinet basin greenware 3. cabinet basin greenware polishing 4. during production checking
5. environment control  6.finished cabinet basin  7.surface checking 8.bottom checking 
9.edge straightness checking 10. back-to-wall checking 11. basin flatiness checking 12. furniture trial installation 1
13. furniture trial installation 2    14.  size checking 15. packing step 1  16. packing step 2