Corraveni Bath | Sanitary Ware Professional

Why With Us
Why do business with us?
We offer good and cost-effective products
When it comes to quality, we make it stable.
When it comes to price, we make it cheapest possible.
We positioned ourselves to offer cost-effective products with continuous improvements on quality.
For economic models, we  
limit the size of assortment while keeping a steady upgrading. It saves a lot on marketing for the buyers. On the other hand, it enables us to  focus more on continuous improvement.
For middle-high ranges, we're always active and agressive. We can always bring you the newest designs.
We offer superior service
When it comes to services, we are the experts, we have in-sights, we make the differences.
We have the knowledge, experience and ability to find solutions for your demands. Also,  business process are designed specifically to match different buyers' requirements. We can always focus on your interests and provide you with personalized service, security and stability.
We offer value-added supply chain management
When it come to time, we make it instant. We are always improving the efficiency.
We have a professional sales team. We make sure each sales consultant competent to offer correct products based on different market taste.
When long-term orders guaranteed, we offer free product development and tooling service. When long-term orders can't be guaranteed, we share the new product development  cost with our buyers.
We offer free packaging design service to all buyers.
We offer our internal quality control reports or records on request .
We offer best stable deliveries.