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How do Corraveni control the surface quality of ceramic toilet and washbasin?
There are many different types of surface quality problems with ceramic toilet and basins. How do Corraveni control the surface quality? What's the quality standard?
How do Corraveni operate the ceramic toilet flush tests?
Most buyers care about: How are ceramic toilets tested in China? How do Corraveni operate the flush tests? We got many different flush test methods, including : plastic balls test, red ink test, saw powder test, toilet paper flush test etc.
How to buy sanitary ware from China and what's your conditions?
How to buy ceramic sanitary ware from China? What's your conditions? Here we listed the frequently asked questions from different buyers. Generally, it's safe to buy from us. We're a professional sanitary ware supplier. We're a trustworthy company.
Professional ceramic washbasin factory in China
Ceramic wash basin is a special category in ceramic sanitary ware lines. As a professional ceramic basin manufacturer and supplier, basins produced in Corraveni basin factory have very precise machinning, edge straightness and surface flatness needed, or
How are toilets produced in Corraveni?
Most foreign buyers are interested to know: how are ceramic toilets manufactured in China? Can you expect good quality to buy ceramic sanitary ware from China? Here we offer an overview of the toilet production process in Corraveni factory.
Ceramic Toilet Packing & Loading Process
Not sure what level of quality to expect? Or the first time to buy from China? Here we offer some toilet and basin packaging and loading photos for your reference.