58100 ceramic countertop basin

Item No.: 58100
counter top basin / art basin, 550*435*180


The 58100 ceramic countertop basin is a great ceramic wash basin to add elegance to your bathroom furniture. It will be a stylish addition to your bathroom. The high quality gloss glaze burned through advanced shuttle kiln makes the ceramic surface stain resistant and extremely easy to clean. The hard-wearing surface will keep the bowl new and shiny and also protect it from damages and scratches.

The artistic lavatory basin is not only perfect for your daily use, but also a superb adaption to your interior decoration style.  The beautifully designed basin rim serves as its striking feature. The basin can be combined with various vanity units and countertops. A wide range of complementary items as mixers, drainers, siphons, installation kits are available.


  • Countertop installation / over countertop
  • Durable, long-lasting vitreous china
  • White finish, matte black / matte white glaze and other assigned colors optional
  • Easy to clean
  • Laser logo on ceramic optional
  • Branding service (packaging with your brand) optional
  • Carton packaging / pallet packaging optional
  • Basin tap, drainer, siphons and wall installation kits optional
  • Meets European EN 14688 Sanitary appliances - Wash basins - Functional requirements and test methods