GGB1007 glass washbasin

Item No.: GGB1007
Material: glass
Size: 420*420*145mm
Net weight: 5.8kg
tap holewithout
drainer holewith, dia 46mm
over-flow holewithout
installation methodcountertop installation
packagingcarton packaging
Quality StandardEN14688:2015
The glass washbasin is not only perfect for your daily use, but also a superb choice for home decoration. A design that is natural and extravagant at the same time.
Corraveni’s glass washbasins are made of new toughened glass, which is very scratch resistant, antifouling and thermal shock need to worry about water splashing or ponding at the bottom. This surface is smooth , makes it easy to clean. These glass washbasins follow the principles of aesthetic forms, which complementing any modern bathroom.
● The material: toughened glass ,which is very scratch resistant, antifouling and thermal shock resistant, extremely tough and durable
● Smooth surface, easy to clean
● Countertop installation / over countertop
● Basin tap, drainer and installation kits optional
● Transparent and gorgeous luster appearance, luster, delicate, durable, for your bathroom to bring modern and elegant style
● Decorative pattern and different colours optional
●Different shapes available, rectangle, square, round, oval, modern design etc.