PE17X ceramic cabinet basin

Item No.: PE17X
feather edge cabinet basin,
PE17X-60, 610*460*170mm
PE17X-70, 710*460*170mm
PE17X-75, 760*460*170mm
PE17X-80, 810*460*170mm
PE17X-90, 910*460*170mm
PE17X-90L, 910*460*170mm, left-handed
PE17X-90R, 910*460*170mm, right-handed
PE17X-100, 1010*460*170mm


We’re providing this collection of cabinet basins those are easy to install, clean and maintain. Corraveni Bath puts to use very advanced technologies and high grade glaze and clay material to manufacture this furniture basin at our production facilities. They are ideal basins for bathroom cabinet and bathroom furniture producers. It’s also a good solution for homes and hotels because of the simple but attractive stylish design. The cabinet basin from China can be installed easily with its specifically designed structure which ensures it to fit comfortably and precisely onto bathroom furniture. The basin is also user friendly. We make sure each basin is free from manufacturing defects by subjecting them to sophisticated manufacturing process and strict quality control system.


  • Basins designed for furniture
  • Durable, long-lasting vitreous china
  • White finish, matte black / matte white glaze and other assigned colors optional
  • Easy to clean
  • Laser logo on ceramic optional
  • Branding service (packaging with your brand) optional
  • Carton packaging / pallet packaging optional
  • Basin tap, drainer, siphons and wall installation kits optional
  • Meets European EN 14688 Sanitary appliances - Wash basins - Functional requirements and test methods