PO131 ceramic floor-standing bidet

Item No.: PO131
ceramic bidet, 545*355*380mm
The floor standing ceramic bidet is a wonderful bidet with one tap hole and an overflow hole for extra hygiene and safety. The bidet comes with matched toilet and basin sets as a full collection for your bathroom. The shape and design will suite most bathroom design styles.
This ceramic bidet is manufactured in China by Corraveni Bath with numerous successful sales to many countries. The floor standing bidet is an ideal pocket-friendly choice for most families with the need to renovate or decorate their bathrooms on a reasonable budget.
● Floor standing bidet, this is a cheap ceramic bidet
● Durable, long-lasting vitreous china
● Matte black / matte white glaze optional
● Easy to clean
● Ergonomically shaped for comfort
● 1 tap hole
● 1 overflow hole for extra safety
● Laser logo on ceramic optional
● Branding service (packaging with your brand) optional
● Carton packaging / pallet packaging optional